Platform of Bill Smith IV for WAR Regional Director

To all patrollers of the Appalachian Region

I am seeking the position of Regional Director of the Appalachian Region in this coming election.

First and always, I thank you for being part of this region and performing the duties asked of us as a Ski Patroller.   Ski patrolling can be a thankless job of the resort and we endure a lot.   I can at least be one that says thanks for all you do and also ask that you pass it forward.

I have been the Regional Director for the last two years.    I have been Section Chief, Regional S&T Advisor, S&T Instructor, OEC Instructor, EMM Instructor, and a Certified Alpine Patroller.   I have traveled to all patrols not only in the section but in the Western App Region.   I have exposure to other regions and patrols in the Eastern Division and Southern Division.   I have developed relationships with the Patrols, Patrol Leaders, Regional Advisors, Regional Leaders, and Eastern Divisional Leaders.   This experience has shown me that all the patrols in NSP are different in some aspect but the heart of the entire system is the individual patrollers.  I have enjoyed the patrolling experience with Nordic as well as Alpine, Telemark, and Boarder patrollers.

In the recent past, the NSP system has evolved to allow the individual patroller to have more say in the NSP system.   I will continue to support the individual patroller rights.  I will attend the required divisional meetings and forward the information to the regional.  I also believe in the chain of command and I will be there for anyone that needs assistance.
There are many issues and concerns facing the future of the ski patrolling.  I feel the main responsibility of the Regional Director is to work with patrollers to forward their concerns to the Region, Division, and National.   At times, the individual patroller needs a voice outside of their individual patrol or needs a person to stand up for them to help solve particular problems or concerns.

I plan to continue to be involved in the region and if voted into the position or not, I will be around to interface with patrollers and my phone/email are always available.

Thanks for the consideration.
Bill Smith IV