Mountain Travel & Rescue (MTR)

The MTR was a fantastic experience and I would recommend it to any patroller who is interested in furthering their skill and effectiveness in the cold weather environment.  In the MTR 1 we were introduced to all of the skills that would be required to not only survive in the snow and cold, but to enjoy it and be effective as ski patrollers. I felt that the MTR truly gave me the confidence to handle anything that mother nature could through at us. However, I was not expecting the Blizzard that we actually happened on the MTR2! On the first night of our winter camping it snowed two feet and then the temperature dropped into the single digit’s the second night. We were very comfortable in our Qincies and weathered the arctic conditions in style. Everyone who participated had the knowledge, skill and preparation to make the weekend a success. I had always thought that winter camping was something beyond my capacity and skill, but after working with Jerry and all the other instructors we handled it with confidence. It was one of the most memorable experiences of my 15 years as a ski patroller.

–Andy Scott, Laurel Summit Nordic Patrol Director

Contact region MTR Advisor Mike Burk for more information.