22/23 Senior OET Info/Action

We’ve had a huge response to those interested in the Senior OET program. First off, that’s awesome and I’m really looking forward to training with everyone this winter. Secondly, it makes tracking everyone a little harder. We don’t want to lose track or miss anyone so Mike Wess created a Google Forms Application.

If you are interested in the program, even if you already sent Mike an email please follow the link below and submit the application.


As a side note, we are aware that we currently have the OET and EMM final evals on the same day. We are working to correct that

22/23 Senior OET Schedule

I’m happy to announce the Senior OET clinic schedule for the 22/23 winter. There are plenty of opportunities to make the clinics before the final exam in March. The final exam will be invitation only, based on a candidate’s clinic attendance and ability levels. Typically, OET staff like to see you attend at least 2-3 clinics to be eligible for the final exam.

If you are interested in joining the Sr program please email Mike Wess, WAPP OET Advisor, at mgwess@gmail.com

The dates and locations are as follows:

  • December 17, 2022  TE Staff Mtg,   7 springs 
  • December 18, 2022  Region TI Refresher,  7 springs 
  • January 8, 2023  OET Sr Clinic,  7 Springs
  • January 21, 2023  OET Sr Clinic, Laurel Mtn
  • January 21, 2023  TE Prep  7 Springs — by invite
  • January 29, 2023  OET Sr Clinic,  Blue Knob
  • February 4, 2023  OET Sr Clinic,  7 Springs
  • February 11, 2023  Skier Enhancement Seminar,  7 Springs
  • February 12 2023  Snowboard Clinic, Blue Knob
  • February 25-26, 2023  Patroller School / Women’s Clinic,  7 Springs
  • March 3, 2023  OET Sr Clinic,  7 Springs (Friday Event)
  • March 5, 2023  OET Sr Evaluation,  7 Springs — by invite

Senior EMM Clinics 22/23

Below are the anticipated dates for the Senior EMM clinics and final evaluation for the Senior EMM program.  Unless specified, all clinics and the evaluation will be held at Seven Springs.

– 9/24/22
– 10/22/22
– 11/5/22 This date may have to be moved to either a different date or a different location.
– 1/21/23
– 2/11/23

Evaluation: 3/4/22

2022 WApp Region OEC Refresher Schedule

Here is the OEC Refresher Schedule for this Fall 2022:

Aug 7th: Instructor Refresher @ Seven Springs
Sept 11th: Laurel Mountain
Sept 17th: Seven Springs
Sept 18th: Instructor Refresher @ Ski Sawmill
Sept 25th: WISP
Oct 2nd: Boyce Park
Oct 2nd: Hidden Valley
Oct 9th: Blue Knob
Oct 15th: Canaan Valley
Oct 16th: Ski Sawmill