Announcement of Elections and Call for Candidates: Western Appalachian Region Director

The position of Region Director for the Western Appalachian Region is up for election this fall.  All active NSP members of the region are eligible to vote for this position.

The Western Appalachian Region consists of the Blue Knob, Boyce Park, Canaan Valley, Hidden Valley, Laurel Highlands Nordic, Laurel Summit Nordic, Laurel Mountain, Mt. Pleasant, Mystic Mt., Seven Springs, Ski Sawmill, Tussey Mt. and Wisp ski areas. 


Region Director candidates must be active registered patrollers in the Western Appalachian Region, have a minimum of five seasons of patrolling experience (not including candidate year), and have achieved Senior Alpine, Senior Nordic, or Certified status. Members currently registered as Patrollers (Auxiliary) are qualified to become Region Director candidates if they have met the requirements described above at some point in their patrol career.

Region Director 

The Region Director shall be elected by the Region Voting Members and shall serve for a term of two years. The Region Director may serve no more than three (3) consecutive 2 year terms. After the third consecutive term, a break of at least one term (2 years) shall be required before a new term of office in the same position can be held.

The Region Director shall supervise the affairs of the Region, shall preside at all annual and special meetings and shall perform such other duties as may be given him/her at any annual or special meeting by a majority vote of the Voting Members present. The Region Director shall hold no other elective office in NSP. The Region Director shall serve on the Eastern Division Board of Directors as part of the duties of his/her office. 

Deadline for nominations is April 1.

Platforms for the candidates will be posted on the region’s web site by August 1st.  You will have the opportunity to vote for the Region Director position on-line in the fall.  Deadline for voting is November 1st.  The results will be announced by November 15th.

If you have any questions, please contact your Patrol Director, or the chairman of the election committee at the address below.  If you are interested in becoming the Region Director, please submit a nomination, along with your patrol resume to the address below. Please contact Marty Silverman, Region Election Advisor, if you have any questions.

Marty Silverman

Election Committee Chairman